Weekly Financial Roundup – September 7 2012

Work took its toll last night and I wasn’t able to finish a post.  I know I know, I’m slacking on my first week.  Real world has to come first, unfortunately.  What I do have for you though are a couple of interesting financial items that I saw this week that I thought were interesting.  Take a look!

The Cheapest Generation – The Atlantic

I found this pretty interesting actually.  As an economist, it’s easy to see how my generation not spending money on big, economy moving purchases can really hold back economic growth (for those of you who don’t know, our GDP is the sum of Private Consumption, Gross Investment, Government Spending, and the Trade Balance).  If you have an entire generation that is just holding off on billions and billions of purchases, yeah that is going to have a bit of an effect.  Although it’s worth mentioning that the 20-24 age group has a 13.2% unemployment rate and the 25-34 age group has an 81% unemployment rate (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics August 2012).

4 Reasons you should buy a new car – Budgets are Sexy

This is a guest post at Budgets are Sexy by Jason of Work Save Live.  J Money at Budgets are Sexy is one of my favorite financial writers out there.  He’s got the best sense of humor in my opinion but he also is on top of his financial game.  I’ve been following him for a while, ever since he started blogging full time and even when he has guest bloggers, he still delivers.  This article is a bit of satire but I agree with most of it.  None of us need to buy a new car, although a nice certified pre-owned with a sweet warranty isn’t half bad!  Sure it depreciates, but if something happens you’re covered.  I love that.

Frugality and financial independence – Get Rich Slowly

Another of the must read financial blogs.  This post really gets to me though because I’m in a similar situation: budget, cut, pay myself first, cut some more, live within my means, etc.  I’m always a big fan of seeing that I’m not alone in this game and that others out there are having success in managing their financial lives.

How has Investing mattered to you? – The Motley Fool

I won’t normally post items from the Motley Fool but I figured a chance to write about your investing experience to maybe win $5K is worth posting.  Take a look and let them know what you think.  It may be worth it!

I promise that I’ll be back to regular posting next week.  Thanks for checking in!

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