We have a new apartment!

Well, sort of.  The girlfriend and I signed a lease at an amazing place near to work which is going to change our living situation pretty significantly.  First off, the apartment is about $450 more expensive than our previous apartment.  However, now we will live in a much safer neighborhood (I won’t tell you how many times the police helicopter has shined its light on our building after a couple of gunshots) and it’s only four blocks away from work.  Considering that my car is a bit more of a gas guzzler than I’d like, this is a pretty substantial change.  This could save close toe $200 a month combined for myself and my girlfriend, plus all the extra calories we will burn off!

Second, the apartment doesn’t have mold!  It’s a two year old building that was built as high end condos.  When the real estate market fell through in LA, the condo market pretty much died.  Not wanting to lose their investment, the developers have decided to turn the property into apartments until the market is back up.  Eventually they will turn it back into condos, giving the current tenants dibs.  Truth be told, they’re more than nice enough to buy.  If the day comes, I might take the plunge.

This apartment does have a couple of negative qualities though.  At our last place, we only paid for electricity.  The water was free (no leak pun intended).  Here, we will be responsible for Water, Gas, and Electric.  That could add a bit much to the budget, although we currently budget for $150 a month in utilities, an amount that is WAY higher than what we have ever used.  Hopefully budgeting high here will prove to be a good move.  I have no idea what the costs for water and for gas are here in LA but I’ll put it this way: I probably need to cut down on the length of showers.

The other negative quality is the price, obviously.  Spending almost $1700 a month on a place you don’t own is nearly criminal.  But we don’t really have a choice.  This is going to force us to rebudget a bit although in actuality, it’s just going to force us to implement some long coming budget changes.  First and foremost, we’re going to be cutting down on going out to eat, even more than before.  Now that we will live just four blocks from work, we’ll go home everyday and make our own lunches.  Chances are we can save an extra couple hundred dollars a month doing this, giving us more wiggle room when it comes to savings or paying down our student (and car) loans.  While I will miss pizza, sushi, and really good indian food, I think the scale will appreciate the uptick in healthy home cooking.

Anyway, we’re going to be moving in to the new place on the 9th of February.  This is not too bad, especially since we leave for Hawaii in two days and will be gone all next weekend!  I’ll try to have some posts go up over the week but we’ll see!  Until next time!