The Art of Moving

Moving from one place to another, whether across the country or across the hall, is always a ridiculous experience.  And I should know, I’ve done both actually.  Right now, the girlfriend and I are in the process of packing up our apartment to move in temporarily with her parents, saving money for a few months before we set back out into an actual nice apartment.  At the same time, I was doing my taxes (I know, I’m like Ned Flanders) and the deduction for moving expenses came up.

So, I got to thinking about the costs of moving, how much it can cost and where are the areas you can really save some money.  Let’s look at a couple of the options I have for moving:

A.  Professional Movers:  We’re talking the licensed and bonded kind, have their own truck and perhaps even a webpage.  Definitely on Angie’s List.  The cost here?  $85/hr for two gentleman with a minimum of three hours.  Minimum Cost: $255

B.  The Not so professional movers: These guys, well, they don’t have a website.  Maybe they advertised on Craigslist or you got a “business” card from there earlier.  The point is, this is an underground, cash only operation.  So you’d expect the cost to be significantly less, right?  Not so much.  These guys cost $65/hr with the same minimum of three hours.  Minimum Cost: $195

C.  Uhaul and some friends: This is a pretty good option.  The Uhaul costs $50 for the day plus a charge per miles and filling up the tank.  Overall, this will be cheaper than either pro option.  Minimum Cost: $100

D.  Several Friends and someone’s truck: This is probably the cheapest option out of everything.  Realistically all you have to do is buy a 30 rack of beer and a couple of pizzas.  This will cost maybe $50 total.  If you buy nice beer.  Minimum Cost: $50

After careful consideration and the realization that I don’t know anyone in LA that owns a truck, I ended up settling on option C.  Yeah, Uhaul’s kind of suck and they are obscenely hard to drive (or fun, if you’re me) but at this point I don’t have another choice.  I’d rather save some money and do Uhaul than pay someone else to move my stuff around.  Especially the sketchy movers.  That definitely was not my idea of a good time.

On that note, I need to go put half of my belongings on craigslist!