Net Worth Update – February 2013

Well, I knew the unbelievable gains of December and January would come to an end eventually!  Luckily I still managed to increase my Net Worth somehow, albeit barely.  Moving into a new place, plus the new (used) furniture and some other items really set me back.  Plus the girlfriend and I rescued a dog, which is changing our monthly expenses just a little bit.  His name is Jackson.  He’s awesome.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the chart, shall we?

February 2013 Net Worth Update

February 2013 Net Worth Update

After two consecutive huge months ($4600 gain in December, $5100 gain in January) this month really brought me back to earth a bit.  My Net Worth only increased by 188 dollars!  Yikes.  I guess the good news is I somehow managed to not have my net worth go down.  I’ll take that as a victory.  Now let’s take a closer look at each category:

Checking Account:  Wow.  This account dropped by $1900 this month.  Basically, I spent WAY too much money on furniture, deposits, and general moving expenses.  Luckily, this is an aberration.  We’re planning on staying in this awesome apartment for longer than four months, so I don’t see these expenses coming up again until 2014, at the earliest.  Even then, we’re definitely keeping this furniture.  It’s awesome!

Savings Accounts: I beefed up my B of A savings account for the time being, negating a fee that happens if it falls under $500.  I’d completely forgotten about it and it was beginning to drive me nuts.  As for the ING (Now Capital360), the $200 a month is making a difference.  The interest isn’t much but I’m definitely enjoying seeing the balance jump as I add more money each month.

401k: As my contributions to this account grow (and the match made by my company grows as well) this account is becoming a huge, huge portion of my net worth.  This and the Vanguard account are really driving my growth here.  I’m diversified well enough in my account that I shouldn’t be too screwed up by any changes in the market but still, i’m keeping an eye on things here.

Vanguard: February was not the best month for stock appreciation.  The market only grew by 1.1%, as opposed to 5% in January.  The best thing I can do here is to keep on putting money in it and letting dollar cost averaging work its magic over many years.

The Acura: This was surprising but VERY welcome.  The new residence is less than a mile from work and I’ve taken to walking some days.  Overall, my mileage per week has dropped so much that it’s already starting to keep the value of my car up.  I’ll take it!

Liabilities: Another drop with no increase in Credit Card debt.  I’ll just keep slowly chipping away at this.  Someday, it’ll be gone!

I’m hoping that I don’t have another month like February soon.  I’m getting really close to having a positive net worth and I think I’d like to avoid any more heartbreaking three digit changes (or negative!!) in my net worth.  With a bit of a renewed focus on my budget and cutting back further on going out to eat, I think I’ve got this!