Leaving LA

Got your attention, didn’t I?  Sorry for the hook there but it’s not necessarily a true statement yet.  Right now, the Fiancé and I are starting to evaluate our options.  Since I work remotely, it means that she can find a job she wants, anywhere in CA she wants, and we can go there.  Even better, it means that we can seriously re-evaluate how much money we are spending on our apartment, gas, etc, and find a place that can save us thousands of dollars a year.  Maybe, just maybe, we can even find a place where we can buy a house.

Unfortunately, most of California is pretty expensive.  The cool places to live (San Francisco, LA and San Diego) are all ridiculously expensive and don’t accomplish much with respects to saving us money.  That leaves the more inland cities of California and really, that means only one place: Sacramento.  We’ve been looking into Sacramento as a potential place to move eventually for a few weeks now and might even take a trip up soon in order to check it out.  I know, I haven’t even been there before but I’m considering a move there.  It’s crazy talk!  But remember, I’m a bit of a crazy person in the first place.  Besides, Sacramento has a couple of things going for it!  Things like:

  • Friends!  Some friends of ours have already moved up there and they LOVE it.  Always good to have a built in base when you move.
  • Lots and lots of legal positions.  It’s the capital of the largest state economically and population wise in the US.  The laws that get passed here tend to have a much wider range of influence than what happens in Providence (Sorry Ted).  This means lawyers galore!
  • Right between Tahoe and San Francisco.  Two places that are seriously awesome.  The fact that I could easily drive over to Tahoe, one of the best places to snowboard in the country, makes me a bit giddy.  Just saying.
  • Cheap, Cheap property.  The median 3 bedroom home price in LA right now is $524K.  In Sacramento it is $186K.  Not only that but the schools, in the right neighborhoods, tend to be much better than anything that the LAUSD has to offer.  I’m just saying, it’s a big difference.
Definite small city vibe

Definite small city vibe

Seriously, the house prices kill me.  Looking at homes in LA is just awful.  You can’t find a house in an OK area in LA that is under $450K, which by the way is WAY over any budget I could possibly ever come up with.  In Sacramento, we could buy an actually starter home in a good neighborhood for under $250K.  That means a 3 bedroom, two bathroom house with a bit of a yard for roughly the same amount or less that we pay now for a 1 bedroom apartment we do not own.  It may just be me but I definitely like the thought of owning rather than renting.

Mostly though, Sacramento (or San Francisco or San Diego) would just be a good change of pace from Los Angeles.  I’ve been here for four years now and the Fiancé has been here her whole life.  And quite honestly, LA has never been my place.  Some of you out there probably know what I mean.  It’s just never felt like a permanent home type place.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  Even with my current apartment, the dog, my Fiancé, LA still is just not quite the right place for me.

Now, obviously I need to visit Sacramento.  I’m not going to move to a place sight unseen.  The last time I did that, I ended up here in LA!  And lived in a fairly ghetto (although cheap) apartment for years.  But I at least feel confident that if we make a move, it will be the right one.