2013: A year in review

It’s that time of year when we start looking back over what has passed and what is up next on the list.  New year’s resolutions, absolutely hate them.  But, at the same time, we need to constantly make goals in our lives and push to attain them.  Just about a year ago, I set up some extremely aggressive goals for myself, trying to make 2013 a year of drastic but positive change.  Let’s take a look at how I did:

I'm pretty sure I'm the guy on the right here

I’m pretty sure I’m the guy on the right here

1.  Positive Net Worth – Technically, I hit this back in August.  Around the same time, I also made the decision to purchase a big shiny thing.  That set me back a bit unfortunately.  It ate into my savings and some of my investments but overall, totally worth it.  I’m going to have a positive net worth after January most likely (less than $1k to go) and should be easily growing this month after month from here on out.

2.  Begin really saving for a house – Well, I’m saving money.  I guess we can say it’s for a house.  But most likely, it’s for a wedding.  An overly expensive wedding!  Bah humbug to spending money.

3.  Pay off half or all of my car loan – Hah, this was crazy talk.  I paid off about 20% of my car loan this year.  I got it refinanced and started paying a bit extra.  Overall though, I decided that investing was a better use of my money than just paying off the loan.  It’ll be gone eventually, sooner rather than later, just not as aggressively as what I originally thought about yesterday.

4. Take better care of myself physically – Yeah, I think we all know how this is going.  I have started to eat better and work out more but hurting my back has definitely thrown me for a loop.  It’s bad enough that it’s going to take another few weeks for me to get back to being able to move heavy objects around but hey, it’s a marathon not a sprint.  As long as I can get back to it, I’ll be fine.

So, if we were to make a count here, I’d say I hit 1/4 of the above goals.  Not good at all, although with two of them changed midway through the year to something entirely else.  Hopefully, I can make some adjustments in 2014.  Right now, I think 2014 is going to be a great year with big events and big changes.  How did everyone else do with their goals in 2013?  Hopefully everyone accomplished some of them!